HMO Conversion Permitted Development


HMO Conversion Permitted Development

# Why Need HMO Conversion Permitted Development

When 7 or more unrelated people live in the same house and share the same facilities of the house then they need planning permission for HMO. There are two types of HMO. One is a small HMO which means a house where less than 6 people live and share the same facilities. Another is the large HMO where more than 7 unrelated tenants can live in the same house sharing the same facilities. One will need the HMO planning permission if he has a large HMO. In this article, we are going to discuss these frequent doubts during the conversion of houses to HMO and HMO conversion.

# What Is HMO Conversion?

HMO conversion means to meet with the environmental officer alone or if you are living with a family or by the other 6 or fewer tenants who are living with you in the same household sharing the same facilities.

There are some restrictions for people who want to do HMO conversion permission development if they met the following conditions:

  • If they take too much open space which prevents any extensions or outbuildings.
  • The conversion of integral garages should be limited if it leaves the property without enough space.
  • If a new window is placed which could affect the privacy of the neighbor.

# Guide To HMO Conversion Permitted Development:

It is more profitable to rent a house to a group of unrelated individuals rather than one single-family However, one has to maintain and bear specific things in mind if they have any plan to change their property into an HMO.

1. Making Sure The Property Is Right For An HMO Or Not:

  • In terms of size and facilities, the property should be suitable enough as it will have at least 3 peoples living in it.
  • Ensure you have a fixed budget to do it properly.
  • Before undertaking significant structural works to make the property into HMO then make sure you have the required planning permissions before starting finance.

2. Read The Rules In The Area Where Your Property Is:

  • One needs a license if they rent 7 or more tenants who share 1 household. This license lasts for 5 years. However, the necessity of a license for a small HMO depends on the area and its rules. So if you are planning to convert your house into HMO then make sure you visit the local council.
  • Check if there is an article 4 direction in your area. Article 4 belongs to the local authorities which means there will be just a certain amount of HMO in a specific area.

3. Consider The Works You Want To Do Again:

  • Ensure the property is clear from any amenities provided that the property is intended for individuals rather than a single-family.
  • Do not go too far and make accommodation in entirely different units.

4. Check Your HMO Conversion Finance:

  • To do HMO conversion permitted development one can use standard refurbishment finance, commonly in the form of a short-term loan. When it comes to an HMO mortgage, it is not compulsory to have HMO experience. HMO mortgage can be taken out even by the individual or by a limited company.

# Disadvantage Of Not Having An HMO Conversion Permitted Development:

The person will be charged as in Breach of planning which means a failure in obtaining a conversion to HMO permission. Though it is not fully illegal and the council can issue a past application where the planning permission has not been sorted yet. Still, the local council can permit an enforcement notice to make things as they were before. It is illegal to disobey an enforcement notice and this is something for which someone can be prosecuted in a court of law.

# What Else Do You Need To Consider When Creating An HMO?

 1. Fitness For Human Habitation:

To ensure the property is fit for human habitation one needs to be cautious about:

  • Damp
  • Ventilation
  • Overcrowding
  • Drainage
  • Water supply

2. Tenant Turnover: 

There is a risk to encounter a high turnover of tenants. So one should put aside at least 2 months’ worth of rent each year to cover potential void periods.

3. Property Damage:

Another crucial factor is that the property is likely to come under more stress due to having more tenants. Washrooms, kitchen, floors, and doors will likely wear out even more, so you need to be ready for repairing all reasonable repairs with speed and efficiency.

# Do You Need Planning Permission To Turn A House Into HMO?

Planning permission is needed for people who are renting large HMO. So regardless of their location, any HMOs consisting of more than 7 tenants need to have planning permission. To move between C3 to C4 classes and back again is permitted development right.

# Does A 6 Bed HMO Need Planning Permission?

A household where 6 people live sharing the same facilities is known as SUI GENERIS. This type of HMO does not need planning permission and the new rules of HMO conversion permitted development UK 2020 does not apply any changes in this fact.

# What Is The Minimum Room Size For An HMO?

It depends on their age and how many peoples are living there. The minimum room sizes should be :

  • One person aged over 10 years – room must be not less than 6.51 sqm
  • Two persons over 10 years – room must be not less than 10.22 sqm
  • One person aged under 10 years – room must be not less than 4.64 sqm

# Can I Turn My House Into An HMO?

Yes, you can and another good news is that you do not need any planning permission before converting your house into an HMO. But if you convert your house into an HMO then the local authority will visit your property within 5 years to ensure whether or not they have any issues as they will perform the housing health and safety rating system.

Finally, we would advise you to read the rules and policies of HMO conversion permitted development and check if you have met the HMO Requirements before converting your property into an HMO as there are many advantages as well as disadvantages of that. Hope this article helped you understand more about HMO conversion.

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