Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

These are the questions we get asked frequently with regard to online planning regulation drawings and building regulations drawings.
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Do my drawings have to be as good as the professionals?

Not at all. We only need the measurements and dimensions to be precise. So, you’ll not have to worry about your drawing skills.

Is there any need of a professional architectural designer?

We have everything you will need and we can provide all the necessary stuff. We will be taking caring care of everything.

Will your planning drawings be professional enough?

Absolutely. Our team will do all the task which is needed to be done. We guarantee you to provide the authentic planning drawings within a very short time as well as less expensively.

Will my measurement and survey be perfect?

Not exactly. By following our instructions, you will have to measure the rooms. How many doors and windows and what is the dimension. To make it even more simple we will accept an old design if you have or photocopy or a similar design of your house would work too.

Can I survey on my own?

Professional have their own process of a survey. But we don’t expect you to be a professional. Get a clear idea about your measurements, use your smartphones and click pictures of inside and outside of the house. We will provide you a self-survey guide for more necessary instructions.