Why You Need Outline Planning Permission?

Why you need Outline Planning Permission

Why You Need Outline Planning Permission?

One of the biggest concerns about applying for permission is the decision that the council makes.  Planning for property development can be costly. You would like to know if your application will grant before spending a bulk of cash on making the detailed drawings of the property. 

When the topic of the Outline Planning Application arrives, there are a few questions that may come into the readers’ minds.

  • What is Outline Planning?
  • How is it different from the Full Planning Application?
  • How long does it take to get Outline Planning Permission and how long does it last?

What Is An Outline Planning Application?

An Outline Planning Application can help you find out at an early stage whether the proposal you have in mind will approve by the local planning authority. With a few enough details, the local planning authority will be able to check if the development you are proposing along with its scale and nature.

Once the application is accepted you can apply for the detailed information to accept which is also known as Reserved Matters Application.

How Is Outline Planning Different From Full Planning Application?

While Outline Planning Application requires fewer details with an agreement of submitting a detailed ‘Reserved Matters’ Application in the later stages, a Full Planning Application needs full details of access, the layout of the site, siting of buildings with full plans, and elevations of the building along with Highway and drainage details. This application is a must for developments within a Conservation Area.

How Is Outline Planning Different From Full Planning Application

Things That Need For Outline Planning Application

Through this application, a landowner can determine whether the development is principal acceptable without the cost of detailed proposed plans or full technical calculations. It would be helpful for the local planning authority if any technical limitations such as ecology, landscape impacts, trees, and flood risk/drainage for which specialist reports may need addressing beforehand.

Reserved Matters Application

After getting approval from an Outline Planning Application you have to submit a Reserved Matters Application with detailed information of the property. This application can include:

  • Appearance- features of the development that may affect the exterior of the property.
  • Means of access- it will cover all the links that lead to the property.
  • Landscaping- improvement, and protection of the facilities of the area and its surroundings.
  • Layout –it indicates buildings, routes, and open spaces within the development and the way they laid out.
  • Scale–has the information on the size of the development, including the height, width, and length of the building.

Some applications need more details than others. These details must be in accord with the original Outline Planning Permission. This application has to submit within three years of approval.

For What Purpose Outline Planning Application Is Acceptable?

You can apply for an Outline Planning Permission for a new building, for an alteration or an extension of the building. It is not accepted for change of use development. Also, you cannot apply for an Outline Planning Permission for properties in the conservation area.

How Long To Wait For An Outline Planning Permission?

The planning departments of local councils usually take eight weeks to come up with a decision for an application. But depending on the complexity of the application the time may vary. Larger projects sometimes take longer to get approval.

How Long Can You Wait For The Next Step?

After you get approval for your Outline Planning Application, you must submit the Reserved Matters Application online within three years of consent. In some cases, the timeline is shorter if specified by a condition on the original Outline Approval.

How It Will Benefit You

Imagine you want an alteration made to your property. You reach an Architectural designer and make all the relevant drawings of your property. You spend all the extra money on the drawings of the details of the building and finally after the decision you learn that your property cannot alter for some basic reasons.

Is it not better to learn whether you can make the alteration before going through all the hassles?  An Outline Planning Permission gives you.

This opportunity to know if you have a chance to get permission for the development. You can submit some basic documents at first and after the permission is granted. You can go through the details at any time within the time limit given by the local council.

I hope this blog will help you decide whether you want to submit an Outline Planning Application or a Full Planning Application for your property development.

The best way to make your application is to contact an experienced planning consultant. You can also ask for Pre-Application Advice from your local council. They will provide you with all the information required to make your application.

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