Do I Need Planning Permission?

Do I Need Planning Permission-oas

Do I Need Planning Permission?

If you are living in a civilized nation you must have to be considered as a responsible citizen by following its rules and regulations. Therefore, there will be always a legal authority that surrounded the place you live in. However, if you are willing to reconstruct your home or commercial properties then you need to get the planning permission from the legal authority. But also there are few exceptions.

One of the important things to get permission for your proposed work is sending off a planning application to the council. So when you wish to have a bigger home or a better commercial property, there are several things you have to follow. Therefore, to understand the process, we can help you with our common projects and interactive guides to find out about permitted development limits.

What Happens If You Build Without Planning Permission?

You may ask, Why do I need planning permission? To build your property, you have to make a planning application. After that, you have to send it to the legal authority.

You will not be able to build your desired proposal without getting permission from the council. Or unless you are applying within your permitted development rights. To clarify, permitted development rights allow you to extend a house without needing to apply for planning permission. For an instant, you can start building once a building notice and your building control drawings have subeen bmitted to the council.

What Can I Build Without Planning Permission?

So the question remains when do I need planning permission? And the answer isn’t that complex to understand. For example, if you are planning a large extension or trying to make improvements to a listed building or a property in an AONB (An area of outstanding natural beauty), or another specially designated area then you will need permission. And on the other hand, if you are looking for a rear or side extension which especially a single storey extension of no more than four metres tall and as long as it is no more than half the area of land around the house. And also the extension must remain lower than the highest part of the roof.

Can I Start Work Without Planning Permission? And Why It Is Required?

As a responsible citizen, it is our duty to follow what our legal authorities have stated as certain rules and regulations. So if you want to build something new, such as an extension or a major change to your property you will need planning permission from the development council. Generally, it is the consent of your local authority on a proposed building project which actually prefers to deter inappropriate development. It is quite often the key that turns a piece of agricultural land into a viable building plot. Moreover, planning is required to prevent unlawful development. For that, you have to understand a clear indication of what your local planning department is likely to approve.

Sometimes getting permission can be stressful and time-consuming. And especially for a person who has less knowledge of the whole concept and doesn’t know much about how the process is done. So, therefore, you may need a proper guideline to understand why planning permission is required and how it proceeds. However, if you are willing to start working without getting permission then it won’t be regarded as unlawful. But you may end up having trouble issuing legal documents for your property later. So it’s always better not to sit on the fence. You can contact your local advisers just to be risk-free.

How Much Time Does It Take According To Get Planning Permission?

Planning permission is a procedure that usually takes 3-8 weeks in general. But for larger or complex development projects, it may take up to 13 weeks to receive a decision from the local authority. However, the authority should be able to give you an idea about the likely timetable.


 Q; What Size Extension Can I Build Without Planning Permission?

           A; Lately the permission development rules were had a few changes, now it allows you to build up to 6 meters (or eight metres if your house is detached).

Q; Do I Need Planning Permission For An Extension?

           A; The answer is simply yes. You may need to let your legal authority know about the arrangements that you have planned for your property development. But generally, for minor changes, planning permission might not require.

Q; Do I Need Planning Permission For A Garage?

           A; Usually for internal conversion which does not involve enlarging the building is not required for permission. But if you are willing to convert your garage into some other compartment you may need to discuss it with the local planning authority.

Q; Do I Need Planning Permission For A Conservatory?

           A; For a conservatory, you may no need to get permission. Cause it usually comes under your permitted development rights. But you also have to follow the strict requirements of it as well.

Q; Do I Need Planning Permission For A Shed?

           A; You may need to get planning permission for a shed to avoid unlawful acts. But there have been a few changes of rules in recent years to make your home improvements much easier without getting permission for such exceptions.

Q; Do I Need Planning Permission For A Porch?

            A; You may no need to get It for a porch (if it follows the requirement limits) due to permitted development rights.

Q; How Big Can A Building Be Without Planning Permission?

            A; You are only allowed 6-8 metres extension to your building. But when you are willing to build a bigger building than you may need planning permission.

Q; Do I Need Building Regs?

            A; Building regulation approval can be considered to cover work both internally and externally on your home. It ensures the safety of a building. On the other hand, planning permissions are regarded to make sure of any landscaping considerations are in keeping with the local environment. They are mostly about the external appearance of a building.


Into this modern world that we live in, we must need to be sincere about our society and its people. For that, we should be aware of avoiding inappropriate and unlawful activities. For example, if you are willing to reconstruct your house or commercial property which is especially located in a certain area that has been controlled by a local authority then you must follow their rules and regulations. Therefore you will need to send the planning application for your desired building project to get consent from the authority.

However, if you are just trying to do some minor changes or unless you have the permitted development rights then you may skip that procedure of getting the permission. But yes it is always better to take advice from your local authority council before taking any steps. And also just a planning permission search on the internet can provide you with plenty of information.

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