Structural Engineering Services


What are Structural Calculations?

Structural calculations are vital during the construction of a building. A structural calculation is a detailed analysis of the building’s foundation, measurements, structural supporting and load-bearing walls, beams, joists, rafters, concrete reinforcement, etc. In other words, a Structural Calculation is done to ensure your Buildings safe framework. Structural engineering services at OAS are held considering all the safety measures for your Sound Construction!

Why is Structural Calculations Important?

You surely want your dream construction to last a lifetime! And for that, the most crucial factor is Structural Calculations!

Structural calculation ensures the integrity of the building by calculation the strength required for a load-bearing wall or structural engineer beam calculations. The structural calculation also ensures that you use the right construction material for your building so that it can withstand the future calamities it might face.

Why Do You need Structural Engineers?

A qualified structural engineer can create an accurate structural engineer online report that will the government’s structural engineer Building Regulations and ensures the safety of your building.

Also, it will provide the builders with a proper guideline about the structures and calculations during the construction works. An engineering calculation will reveal any defect in your current building. An accurate report will be able to identify the problems, along with finding out a solution.

Can You Do Your Own Structural Calculations?

No! There is no way you can do your own Structural Calculations if you don’t have any education related to Civil engineering or Structural Engineering, you can never do structural engineer calculations of any sort.

Our Services

Our OAS Structure experienced  Structural Engineers who will survey your property and make a structural report accordingly. Online Architectural Services would provide you with adroit Structural Engineers for accurate Structural engineering Calculations.

Our Online Structural Engineering Services will include the following –

  1. Building and structure design
  2. Foundation design
  3. Structural survey and report
  4. Party Wall survey
  5. CDM regulations

For the past 2 years, Online Architectural Services has successfully completed 200+ projects and are still keeping the same pace! With us, you are at safe hands!