Building Regulations Drawings


In the UK, maximum building work requires Building Regulations. Building regulations are rules set by the Council. It has got everything necessary for building constructions. Building regulations include safety and security for people rather than focusing on their surroundings. It mainly focuses on design and construction for the building as well as people who are with disabilities. Before you want to start your construction, you should know the building regulations drawings because there are some specific rules for buildings regulation that we must abide by!

Difference Between Building Regulations And Planning Permission Drawings:

Building regulations drawings are different than planning permissions. While Planning Permission focuses on the surroundings along with the built structure, a Building Regulation emphasizes the safety and soundness of your structure. Moreover, Planning Permission Drawings are not final drawings and are less detailed. On the other hand, building regulation drawings are precise and final visualisation of the project.

Building Regulations:

Now, what do Building regulations cover? Actually, the Building Regulations law by the UK government 2000 has 14 sections. They are,

 A – Structural System.

B – Fire Security

C – Site planning and repelling contaminants and humidity

D – Toxic material safety

E – Sound Proofing

F – Ventilation

G – Hygiene preservation

H – Drainage and waste deduction

J – Combustion machines and fuel storage ways

K – Shield from falling, collision, and impact

L – Maintenance of power and energy

M – Entrance to and use of constructions

P – Electrical safety in residences

When Is Building Regulation Needed?

A maximum building requires building regulations. Even Extensions or Loft Conversations require a Building Regulation although they might not need Planning Permission in all cases.

So what type of work requires building regulation? If you are going to make a new room in the roof sight or convert, then it is under building regulations. Building extension, kitchen extensions, garage attachments, Porch extension are also under building regulations drawings. Along with these a non-domestic building or new construction is also part of building regulations. Coping with all the building regulations law is the entire important thing for any new construction. Because without Building Regulations there is always a potential safety threat to the infrastructure and also the people living in the building.

Can You Draw Your Building Regulation Drawings:

Now you might have a question in your mind that whether or not you can do your own building regulation drawings? The answer is if you don’t have the knowledge, education, and experience about the building regulation sections, you should not take the risk. Let an expert team handle your work!

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