Permitted Development Rights-2020


Permitted Development Rights-2020

A planning application is a need for many property development works. But, what if you do not want to go through the lengthy process of the planning application. However, You can always keep your development works within permitted development rights. Under permitted development rights. in addition, You only need implied consent to carry out your intended development works.

What Are Permitted Development Rights? 

If you are looking to build an extension without planning permission. You can take a look into permitted development rights. It allows a homeowner to develop or extend parts of their property. So, To a certain extent without having to apply for planning permission, this permitted development can be useful in innovative ways. To make the most of the existing space in your home. Without the pressure of planning applications.

However, If you are hoping to build within permitted developments. It is wise that you stay updated with the latest developments. Small changes to most houses fall under permitted development. Certainly, Keep in mind that the same law does not apply to flats and maisonettes. You may have to ask for full planning permission for those properties.

What Falls Under Permitted Development Rights?

If you are a house owner. The following developments of your property will fall under permitted developments. They will not need planning permission. For instance,

  • Small single storey or double storey extension
  • Loft conversion
  • Garage conversion
  • Basement conversion
  • Changes in certain use
  • Demolition
  • Internal alteration
  • Installation of solar panels or satellite dishes
  • Building a porch less than 3m³
  • Installation of roof lights or dormer windows not facing the highway
  • Installation of new windows and doors
  • New driveway (if all the requirements are met)

Certainly, You have to bear in mind that these rights are updated. So you should contact your local council before starting any development work. For conversation areas or listed buildings, these permitted developments may not be applicable.

How To Check If Your Project Falls Under Permitted Development?

To find out if your proposed development falls under permitted development. You can visit the Government’s Planning Portal. There you will find all the useful information and updates about permitted development.

How To Check If Your Project Falls Under Permitted Development

Do You Need A Planning Application For Permitted Developments?

You do not need a planning application where permitted development rights are concerned. But, to make sure the development you are proposing is permitted. And, If you need supportive documents for the future. Therefore, You can apply for a Lawful Development Certificate (LDC).

Lawful Development Certificate

Lawful Development Certificate can describe as a document of proof. So, the changes you are making to your house fall under permitted development. And, If you want to make sure your property development permitted, you can apply for this. Lawful Development Certificate can also be handy while. But, If You intend to sell your property. However, Always consult your council before applying for LDC. After that, You can take the help of your planning consultant. Therefore, The application must include all the documents the council asks for to make the decision. There will also be an application fee.

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