What Is Structural Engineering Drawing-Things You Should Know

What Is Structural Engineering Drawing-Things You Should Know

Structural engineering a branch of a tree named civil engineering. The huge development in the field of structural engineering is the result of such magnificent improvements in both cities and towns around the world. Now you might be thinking about who is a structural engineer and what they do? A structural engineer as the name suggests is someone who has specialised in building structure. They use mathematics to analyse how structural elements interact with each other. When you are building and renovating,  you don’t want a structure that will fall apart after a few years or you don’t want a structure that needs to be rebuilt again and again. And here is why structural engineers can give you the total guarantee. They provide you with the structural engineering drawings with which you can ensure safety before even starting the work.

If you are going to start a construction project you might have come across terms like “structural engineering drawings”. You might have questions like do I need structural drawings for a house? Can I get structural engineering services online? Or you might want to know about structural engineering drawings cost? Don’t worry, in this article we have got you covered. Here you will know everything about structural engineering drawings from the types of drawings to the cost of the process.

What Is Structural Engineering Drawing?

It is an immense detailed drawing that provides proper information to the owner about the construction of the building or house. This drawing provides a full outer line and design of the work that is going to be taking place. This drawing will also take into consideration the potential risk, the safety measures and will also look at the budget and the resources that are available. You might as well question what does a structural engineer do? All of these drawings are made by a professional structural engineer you have to spend hours specialising in this field of Engineering. They design, analyse, maintain the load resisting structures and investigate how each element interacts with the other.

Importance Of Structural Engineering Drawings

 If you are a construction project request to build a whole new building or even a small renovation of the structures then you must have structural engineering drawings. However, not all home improvements, structural developments require this drawing, any project that requires you to change the structure of a building or requires building control approval then it will need structural engineering drawings. That’s why understanding structural engineering drawings is very crucial. If renovation requires you to mess around with the roof, floor or walls then it raises safety concerns which is why you should let the structural engineers handle those tricky parts of the building.

You will need structural engineering drawings only when

  • You are doing residential projects for example flats or houses.
  • You are rebuilding a house or apartment that has been affected by a natural disaster.
  • Rebuilding the structure of a building because of problems in the original building structure.

What Is Included In Structural Drawings?

This part will also answer the questions like what is the difference between architectural drawings and structural drawings? Can a structural engineer draw plans?

As structural drawings are used for the preparation of the reinforcement drawings it includes the following.

  • The North Point
  • Properly setting out the dimensions for the concrete structures.
  • Elevations, sections, and plans for showing layout properly and levels of all concrete groups in the entire structure.
  • The exact position of all holes, pockets, fixings, and elements which are going to affect the construction work.
  • It provides detailed information about the reinforcing bar specifying its length, shape, and number.

Apart from all these as I said earlier they provide the full outer line and design of the work that is going to be taking place. This drawing will also take into consideration the potential risk, the safety measures and will also look at the budget and the resources that are available. The difference between architectural drawings and structural engineering drawings is quite noticeable. But many people seem to confuse both of them as the same thing. Structural engineering drawings can be identified easily by their line work drawing.  While architectural drawings have mostly room furniture, kitchen fixtures, and bathroom designs in them.

Structural engineering cost-related questions are most commonly asked by my clients. You might have questions like where can I find structural engineers near me? Or what is the structural engineer costs the UK? It is not possible to provide the exact amount because the cost varies significantly from engineer to engineer. The cost will also depend on the type of c

How Much Does A Structural Engineer Drawing Cost?

onstruction work that is going on. If you are going to hire an experienced engineer then the charge power will be higher.  For instance,  an average structural engineer charges about 45 to 90 pounds per hour. However, this amount can vary depending on the location. Not every engineer charges the same way. Some charge per visit and some charge per hour. Sometimes if the visit is too long, then they might switch to hourly pay. But roughly for an average engineer, it won’t be more than 100 pounds per visit.

Structural Drawings Examples

There are many structural drawing software that the engineers use different methods of mathematical model calculations in structural drawings to find the strength, rigidity, and stability of the structural buildings. Here are some structural engineering Autocad drawing samples.

It is important to let the owners know that structural engineering drawings can be a legal requirement nowadays. Falls under the building regulation rights in some cases. It gives the homeowners the confidence to start the construction project.  I hope this article about “structural engineering drawings” provided you with all the information you needed about structural drawings.

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