How Much Does Planning Permission Cost?

How Much Does Planning Permission Cost

How Much Does Planning Permission Cost?

Are you thinking of extending your house, garage, loft or kitchen? Wondering how much does planning permission costs? If these thoughts are crossing your mind then you are here at the right place. In this article, you will get the exact idea about the average cost of planning permission. If you want to know the best information about the topic make sure to read the article till the end. You will also know how you can get the planning permission done without going into a complex and time-consuming process. As you came so far about planning permission I’m assuming you know what planning permission is. Without going into the details about planning permission I will slightly touch on the basics.

Whenever you are doing any kind of modification in your building or house, you need to take planning permission. This is done to make sure the government and the neighbours have no problems with the modification. Whether you are going to sell the property or keep it mortgage, this document of planning permission is required for the transition.

However, not all modifications in your house need planning permission. If the development is internal and if it is done in a reasonable size, then planning permission is not required. That’s why the first thing you need to do is to check whether or not you need planning permission. And suppose you start your work n in the middle you realise that you need planning permission then you might have to put everything into position again. That’s why it is always recommended to go to the local authority and check whether planning permission is needed or not.

How Much Does Planning Permission Cost

There is no straightforward exact amount for the cost of planning permission.  Because it varies from person to person and also to where you live. There are many deciding factors for calculating the cost of planning permission. Some of the factors are given below.

Planning Permission Agent

Taking planning permission for your desired extension can be a nightmare at times, especially when you have no prior knowledge about it. That’s why you might need a professional planning application agent who can help and guide you with the entire complex process of taking planning permission. And if you have proper support from your neighbours then you will not need to go to an agent. This will enable you to save some extra pennies at the end of the entire process.

Planning Permission Agent

If you do the permission with the help of an agent, you won’t be receiving any important information about the procedure and the status of your planning. The government will send all this information to the agent. Also, it is important to choose the agent with caution as they might misguide you and charge extra money from you.

That’s why it is recommended to contact your neighbours and trustworthy people to discuss the complex process. By doing this you are reducing the overall cost of planning permission. An agent could be a professional architect who deals with these situations. They can help you a lot and make the process easier for you.


The location of your house will also affect the overall cost of planning permission. If you live in a detached property the cost will most likely be much less compared to if you lived in a semi-detached or connected property. Because you have to take into consideration the well-being of your neighbours. You have to take permission by sending letters to individual neighbours and take permission from them separately. This is more hassle than detached properties where there are no neighbours.

Your Experience

If you have prior experience of doing planning permission the hassle and sometimes the cost will be significantly reduced. You don’t have to go to the local council multiple times to get advice which will save you time and money. The process can get even more difficult if the documents of the property are not ready. It is always better to console your neighbours before going to planning permission. If your neighbours disagree then you might need to pay him or her an extra amount of money to compensate for it. This is where the price can increase a lot. There is also a cost of planning application drawings, which you have to take into account.

FAQ About How Much Does Planning Permission Cost

How Much Does It Cost To Get Planning Permission?

The easiest way to identify the cost which is not 100% reliable but still recommended for most people is to use. It is an online calculator. Planning application fee calculator. I will have all the different options and categories which will be the deciding factor for the cost of your planning permission. All you have to do is to tick the options which match your building work.

How Much Does It Cost To Apply For Planning Permission?

60 pounds is the application fee for the planning permission and 20 Pounds would be the service charge that the local Council will take. But the planning application fees of 2021 can vary depending on your condition and location.

What Is The Maximum You Can Build Without Planning Permission?

If your extension or the modification falls under permitted development rights then you won’t need planning permission from the government.

Is Planning Permission Easy To Get?

You will be glad to hear that, after an analysis from the government, it is found that more than 85% of the applications made for the planning permission are granted permission. So if you document legal and your neighbours are happy then you will be granted the planning permission. That’s why you don’t have to worry a lot about whether your planning permission would be accepted or not.

Thanks for reading our article about how much does planning permission cost, hope this was helpful to you.

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