What Is A Floor Plan & Title Plan?

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What Is A Floor Plan & Title Plan?

Ever wondered what your architecture means by Floor Plan and Title plans? 

Floor Plan and Title Plan are very important factors for your property. Although they both have different purposes, they combine to help you express the details of your property in a more precise way! So, the first question that comes to your mind is ‘What is Floor Plan?’

or ‘What is a Title Plan?’. Don’t worry! OAS is here to provide you with all your architectural queries!

What is a Floor Plan?

Floor plans in-short, are so-called ‘Bird’s  Eye View’ of your property. A Floor plan is a 2-dimensional graphical drawing which shows the relationship between the rooms and spaces from the top view. It is drafted explaining everything in flat at one level of structure. Floor plans show the position and measurement of how big the rooms will be when building in real. It doesn’t only show the room positions but also the length, distance, and positioning of the windows. Its scales in a size that the entire space fits into one frame or paper. The most common scales for Floor Plans UK are 1/4th of an inch = 1 foot. But the scales can be varied according to the caliber of the project.

Why are The Floor Plans Necessary?

If you are new to managing your properties you must be wondering what is a floor plan used for. When creating a new structure, it’s essential to plan the space-efficiency. Thus, the Floor plans are a necessary tool in assessing how effective and efficient the property is managed.  A Floor Plan is used to determine whether each room and space are used in accordance with the purpose intended. Also, it helps in illustrating how someone can move throughout the property. Moreover, A Floor Plan helps you in making effective use of the room area by knowing which furniture fits the best. This, as a result, saves your effort and time when you are shifting houses.

Floor Plan & Title Plan

Again, if you are going to sell your property, you might consider getting a Floor plan. It would make it easier for the buyers to get a clear idea of your project. A good floor plan can help you increase the value of your property. Because efficient space planning is what everyone wants and from looking at a floor plan, one can say how the rooms have planned. So, we can say that it works as a marketing tool for real estate agents when showing it to potential buyers.

What is a Title Plan?

Title plan produced by the Land Registry depicting the area of the registered property using a red edging on the boundaries. Some Title plans are coloring different based on specific agreements that apply to certain parts of the land. They draw on a scale of 1:1250 and 1:2500 or 1:10000 for urban and rural areas respectively.

Each title plan in the UK contains a unique title number based on the registration of that particular land set by the Land Registry. The Title number consists of an alphabetic code, which indicates the location of the property or the land, and a sequential number that identifies the plot within that location.

 Why is Title Plans Necessary?

Title Plan is a map issued by the Land Registry to record the position of the boundaries of a registered property in accordance with Rule 5 of The Land Registration Rules 2003.

You need a title plan to ensure the boundary of your property and separate it from the surrounding properties. While selling your property, having a proper Title Plan can ensure a full understanding of the caliber of the land your construction is on.

Can I Draw My Own Floor Plan and Title Plan?

There is no obligation whether you can draw your own Architectural Drawings. However, drawing a Floor Plan or Title Plan requires quite some expertise. You need to have an idea about scaling along with good CAD knowledge. So, it is not everyone’s cup of tea.

If you want great quality plan diagrams, you should let an expert draft it for you with precision! An Expert Designer knows the best Floor Plan design Software and the best measurements for your property. Moreover, Title Plan is a legal requirement. So, The drawings are supposed to be perfect. A professional would do the drawings in accordance with the Building Regulations and will leave no scopes for complaint!

What is The Difference Between a Title Register And a Title Plan?

Although many people think that Title Plan and Title Register are the same things, there are some significant differences between them.

The Title Register contains a history of the land, its tenure, the owner’s name, and address, the purchase price, mortgage information, and other charges, covenants, rights of way, and other easements. In a nutshell, A Title register is a record of all sorts of information relating to a property and its owner. It does not concern the drawings whatsoever.

On the other hand, A Title Plan is simply a diagram that only implies the boundaries of the property and excludes any sort of information regarding it.

So, they are not the same thing.

Are Land Registry Title Plans Accurate?

Many people think about whether they need any Land Registry Compliant Title plans. But Land Registry has nothing to do with your titles or the boundaries of your property. Almost all the work related to a title is controlled by the owner as he has a whole knowledge of his property.

So, there is no need for any Land Registry Compliant Title Plans.

What is Floor Planner?

Floor Planner is an Architectural Professional drawing software. It is basically CAD software with a lot of tools to begin your CAD drawings. It is also free for you to download. Many professional architectural designers use this software to create amazing planning drawings, floor plans, or Title plans!

3D Floor Plans.

Any 3-dimensional projection gives a more realistic view to the viewers. And with a 3D floor plan, you get to have an even detailed illustration.

Usually, the 3 dimensional Floor plans are done using CAD technology for accuracy. It shows the specific height of all the walls and windows and doors too. Even the decor of the furniture becomes more clear. Thus, the arrangement of the space becomes more vivid to your eyes.

What is The Best Free Floor Plan Software?

For the purpose of drawing your Floor Plans, CAD software is used by Architectural Designers. There are hundreds of CAD software for you to choose from! But there are only a few among them that the professionals use!

Some of the Best Floor Plane Softwares are SketchUp, AutoCAD Architecture, FloorPlanner, SmartDraw, Rabbit, etc.

What Do The Colours Mean On a Title Plan?

For a wide area, usually, a Title Map is created. For the purpose of indicating different types of properties, we use different colored indications. This coloring of the Title Plan really helps to differentiate among different plots.

Usually, the edges of the properties are colored or the areas are tinted with different colors like Red, Yellow, Green, or Blue.

For the purpose of edging in title plans the title plan color key are,

Red Color is used to indicate a big property with many different smaller portions as a cluster.

The green color is used for the titles from over which all sorts of group interests are removed and are individual titles now.

Blue color edges were conventionally used for patents under any feuded title.

Yellow in Title Plan means the title is under a registered lease.

For color tinting, the Title plans, even a wider range of colors are used. Along with Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow, Brown and Mauve may also be used.

How Much It Costs To Get A Floor Plan Drawing?

Like any other architectural service, Floor plans in the UK can cost quite some pounds. On average you can expect to spend £10 per square foot for great Floor plan drawings. However, it may vary depending on your project and the architectural firm.

If you are looking for Affordable Floor Plans, you are in the right place! Online Architectural Services (OAS) provides you with great CAD technicians and Architectural Designers for the Best Floor Plans at a cheap rate!

How Much does Leaseplanner Costs To Get a Title plan Drawing?

Title Plan drawings are not very expensive to get. On average, a title plan may cost 100 – 250 Pounds and may vary depending on the work. There is no fixed scale for architectural services.

Importance of Floor Plan and Title Plan.

Floor Plan and Title Plan drawings are very vital for any property owner.

These drawings give you the ease of explaining your property to your potential buyers without wasting too much of your time! Moreover, they also give a clearer view of your property than verbally explaining it would. That’s why so many homeowners and brokers opt-in for an early Floor plan and Title Plan drawing!

For any of your Architecture related queries, feel free to ask us! Our experts are always at your service to provide you with all the assistance you need!

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