Land Registry Compliant Lease Plan


Land Registry Compliant Lease Plan

# Land Registry Compliant Lease Plan

Are you planning to lease a new property for a few years? You need a bunch of documents and plans for it. Moreover, almost all of the plans need to be Land Registry Compliant in the UK. One of the first documents you would need is the Land Registry Compliant Lease Plan. It is basically the same as your Floor Plan but it has a lot more details. Also, it needs to be made under stricter regulations.

# What Is A Lease Plan?

A lease plan is an appropriately scaled drawing that depicts a whole property or the part of a building where a leaseholder has access. It includes communal areas and the entrances of the property.

land registry lease plans include all the rooms and the passageways. Also, the height of your door and windows their position is included in the plan. In many cases, the air vents and AC vent’s position also gets included in the diagram. Usually, 2D Lease Plans are used but for better understanding, 3D plans are also drafted.

# What Is Land Registry Compliant Plan?

The word Land Registry Compliant Plan implies plans that are made maintaining all the rules and regulations of the Land Registry Act. Some of the main Land Registry Compliant Plans are land registry floor plans, land registry compliant lease plans, Boundary Plans, etc.

# What Is Land Registry Compliant Lease Plan?

According to the Land Registration Act 2002, leases with a timeline of 7 years or more, whether land registry lease new or old, will need Land Registry along with a compliant Lease plan. It is a must for all types of leasing works.
Land Registry compliant Lease Plan is your regular Lease Plan but land registry drawings are drawn keeping a few conditions like scales, orientation, etc.

# Why Is Lease Plan Needed?

Lease Plans are a fundamental need for any property you want to sell. It shows all the details of your property without any hassle for you and also potentially keeps your property top of any buyers list.
It is a legal need that you need a lease plan for your property before selling or letting it. According to the Land Registration Act 2002, leases with a timeline of 7 years or more, whether it is new or old, will need a Land Registry Compliant Lease plan. You will need a lease plan if you are planning to do the following:

  • While drafting a New Lease for seven or more years
  • Splitting an existing title. That is selling apart under a bigger title
  • When selling a leasehold property
  • Increasing the length of the contract from the previous deadline
  • Making any changes, e.g., extending the property title
  • If the previous Plan is not a Land Registry Compliant Lease Plan

# What Makes Lease Plan Land Registry Compliant?

There are some differences between a regular Lease Plan and Land Registry compliant Lease Plan. For lease plans to be land registry compliant, lease plans land registry must have the followings:
  1. The lease plan is drawing to a preferred scale of 1:100 & 1:200
  2. Location plan at the range of 1:1250 or 1:2500
  3. Showing orientations like a north point
  4. Showing enough details to identified on the Ordnance Survey map
  5. Including lands associated with the property, e.g., gardens, paths, garages
  6. Indicating separate parts of the property in details
  7. Specifying anything that is not in floor level
  8. Red-colored lines for demise area and blue for common areas to identify demised communal and external demised areas
  9. land registry compliant plans scale bar and plan key
  10. Measurements that corresponding to scaled measurements
  11. Showing intricate boundaries

# Can I Draw My Lease Plan?

There is no problem in drafting your lease plan on your own. However, it needs to be done in accordance with the set rules. Land Registry Compliant Lease Plan Online is a legal requirement. You can look at some Professional Lease Plan Examples for better understanding.
If you want the Best Lease Plan drawings you should get yourself an agile Architectural Designer. No amateur can give you perfect drawings. If you want no land registry plan mistakes, you better head to a professional.
Moreover, you need to have expertise in CAD technology for a vivid Lease Plan.
But don’t worry. Online Architectural Services(OAS) is always at your service!

# What Do I Do If my Land Registry Plan Is Wrong?

Although your land registry is monitored heavily still sometimes there might be some errors regarding your Land Registry Plan. Some of these errors can be easily solved while for others you might need to face a bit of complication.

  1. Spelling Mistake

Without your proper name, the ownership of your property would really be uncertain. And if there are any problems regarding your name or address spelling, in most cases it can be corrected without any extra fee and hardships. You just need to contact your Land Registry about this issue.

  1. Incorrect Charges And Purchase Prices

Sometimes, there might be some typos in your land registry deed. The deed is usually checked. But in rare cases, if the error in charges gets unnoticed, the solicitor would rectify it for you.

However, in case of any unintentional problems in Purchase Price, you need to submit an application to the Land Registry with enough evidence of the original prices. Forms need to be signed by both the parties in the consent of the change too. Thus, it can be rectified.

  1. Wrong Details Of The Title

In case of any problem with the details regarding the title under the Lease Plan, the Land Registry won’t directly correct it. In that case, you need to submit the documents to the First-Tier Tribunal. Finally, if it is passed from The Tribunal, your Land Registry would rectify it for you.

  1. Objection Among

In case of any unfortunate clash of opinion between the parties involved, the Land Registry would suggest resolving it themselves. But if the complication is further elevated, you would be transferred to a First Tier Tribunal. Thus, the tribunal would make the final decision for you.

# What Happens If You Don’t Provide The Land Registry Compliant Plan?

According to the Land Registry Act, it is a must to have a Land Registry Compliant Plan online for your property. You may face a series of hardships if you don’t have a Land Registry Compliant Lease Plan.

Some of the complications you may face include,

  1. According to the Land Registry act 2002, without a Land Registry Compliant plan, a lease plan will reject permission by the authority.
  2. Without a Land Registry Compliant Lease Plan, you may face a delay in your intended leasing.
  3. If you submit a Plan without Land Registry compatibility, you would need to submit the application again. This would cost you extra money.

So, it is wise that you have the Land Registry Compliant plan ready along with your Lease plan to save your valuable time and money.

# What Does Land Registry Compliant Plan Not Show?

Land Registry Plans are mostly a rough sketch. It doesn’t show all the details as you might want. Although it is a bit more detailed than a floor plan, it can not be matched with a Title Plan.  There are certain things that a Land Registry Compliant Plan or Lease Plan doesn’t show.

  1. Land registry compliant lease plans or title plan does not show the legal boundary or the dimensions (although there are exceptions).
  2. It doesn’t show the T-marks.
  3. The red line does not show the general boundary; it is edging placed along the inside of a black line on the Ordnance Survey map.
  4. The black line indicates the general boundary.

Keep in mind that the Ordnance Survey map on which the Land Registry plan based is not a perfect representation of the real world.

# How Much Does A Land Registry Plan Cost?

If you are looking for land registry plans free, then you are in the wrong direction. According to the UK Government, the prices of the Land Registry Plan are fixed in accordance with your type of registration and papers submitted. You can head towards the Govt.UK site for all detailed information.

But before registering your plans to the Land Registry, you need to have a Lease Plan drawing diagram which would also cost some money.

You may find both cheap drawings starting from  £50  to more expensive ones at £300 or more. But what you should be worried about is the quality of the drawings and the details included. Because the Land Registry won’t pass a faulty Lease Plan.

# Conclusion

Before leasing your property, make sure that you know about all the legal requirements. Thus, you won’t face any complications while making your plans and don’t have to spend extra time and money on it.

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