what is a planning drawings?


what is a planning drawings?

# Planning Drawings

Architectural drawings that are solely produced for submission to the council to get approval are known as the Planning drawings.

# Planning drawings cost 

The cost of producing planning drawings can vary significantly depending on the size of the project and the fee structure of the particular architects. 

There are different ways an architect can charge for drawings, it could be hourly, as a percentage of project cost, or it could even be a fixed fee. In an average an architect charge £1000+ for architectural drawings and planning application for general a loft conversion or extension project; however, as mentioned earlier it varies based on how big, and complicated your project is. 

The fee charged by an architect can also increase based on the location of the property, therefore if the project is in a distant area, then the price charged will be comparatively higher than that will be charged for a nearer or local project.

# Planning drawings near me

Selecting the right architectural designer is one of the key element when preparing the planning drawings, its best to use an architect that is known or is near you. There could be different methods to find the right architect for you. 

One way could be by reference, which is a reliable and ensured way as you can judge the work of the architect based on his/her previous work. Another approach could be by searching on different platforms for the best architectural service provider and then asking them to show you some previously done projects or for client references. 

This way, you are ensured that the service that you will receive will be for your best interest.

# Planning permission drawings examples

When applying to the council, some documents must be submitted to process your application, which are:

  1. Supported plans of the site (Existing and proposed projects).
  2. Required support documentation (Location and Site plan).
  3. Application form.
  4. You have completed the ownership certificate.
  5. And the correct fee.

In Online Architectural Services, we have a skilled team of Planning Consultants, Architectural designers, and Structural engineers who are always attentive to meet your drawing needs. 

We have dealt with an array of large-scale to minor projects such as rear extensions to flat conversions covering all areas of London. Below are some of our previous works done for our clients.

# DIY architectural drawings

When planning on constructing anything in your house, the first thing that will come to your mind is whether you will need an architectural designer to design your drawings. 

This decision will have an overall effect on the quality and cost of the project. There is no restriction on drawing up the plans by yourself, but you’ll need to make sure you have the required knowledge and skill in preparing the plans. 

This practice is made more accessible by the use of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software. 

But there are many cases where the council rejects the application because of various inconsistencies-drawings-building rules guided by the Building regulations in the Planning Portal. 

Therefore it’s best to use an architectural designer when drawing the architectural drawings as they have the proper skill, knowledge, and understanding of the building rules. 

As a result, they can help you see the bigger picture of your project and ensure that the quality complies with the building codes.

# Drawings for permission in the UK 

In the UK, when building anything regardless of how small or big the construction or changes will be, you’ll need to get planning consent from the council. 

If your project involves more minor improvements like extension or loft conversion, then it falls under the Permitted development, where the applicate applies to the board for the certificate of lawfulness. 

But if your project involves the creation of anything new or any large construction, then planning permission will be required. In general terms, the application drawings include both existing and proposed elevations of the site.

# What is the planning portal?

Planning Portal is a website where all the information and guidance regarding Building Regulations are published. 

It was acknowledged in 2002 by the UK government to process all the planning applications in England and Wales electronically. 

The planning portal works as a channel between the Architects, planning consultants, or anyone who is submitting the form and the local planning authority who will be dealing with it. 

Whenever any rules or guidance regarding Building regulation is passed or updated, it always found in the planning portal for reference. You can visit www.planningportal.co.uk for any advice regarding building regulations.

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