How We Work



Jun 01

Step One

Have you ever drawn a house in your childhood? Certainly, you have, everyone has! All you need is to express your vision and you don’t have to be an expert at all.
An amateur design would be fine too! And for a starter, you will need to know the measurement and dimensions of the room. Now all you need is to download our guide for sketching an extension or guide for sketching a loft conversion. You will need a sketch sheet too. We will be instructing you too through each step. Use your smartphone click a picture and use it in every possible way to justify your thoughts.

Jun 02

Step two

So, you have created something. Haven’t you?
We are here to make this easy for you so without wasting time click on the chat button to confirm the sketch and we will be transferring your sketch into professional drawings as we have promised. We have been providing the drawing approval to save our clients time. With our promising and professional team, we can assure you that we can provide yours too!

Jun 03

Step three

The time-consuming part? Afraid of how it is going to be to wait for the paperwork? Again we have a solution for this too!!
Our dedicated team will make your project super flexible by approving the plan from the authority.
Your house our responsibility. Simple? Isn’t it?

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