floor plan & leaseplan


Floor Plans

Floor plans are types of drawings that show the layout of a property from above. Some people call it a bird’s eye view.
These floor plans typically show what a building looks like by illustrating the location of walls, windows, doors, stairs, and other fixed installations.

Why Do You Need Floor Plans?

Do you wish to sell your current property? You will need floor plans to show the potential buyers how they can move through the property.
A floor plan will show the relationship between rooms and spaces. Floor plan services can save you the trouble of explaining the property’s layout and room locations.
While renovating your property, a before and after floor plan can easily explain the builder or contractor what you want. So, they can provide you an accurate quote.
You will also need floor plans while creating a furniture layout.

Our Floor Plan Drawing Services

In Online Architectural Services, we provide you with accurate and high- quality floor plan drawing services. Our floor plan designers have years of experience in making floor plans for estate agents and homeowners.
So, if you are looking for any measured property floor plan drawing for planning or any other purpose. All you need to do is call us or send us an email. You can provide us the measurements, or we can do a measured site survey. Within three working days, you will receive your desired drawings.

Lease Plan

Land Registry compliant lease plans are scaled drawings that illustrate the property elements that are included within the lease. It is basically floor plan, with the indication of the use of each room. Lease plans are commonly used to give the leaser a detailed idea about the whole space in general.

Why Do You Need A lease plan?

If you are going to lease a property for 7 years or more, a Land Registry compliant lease plan is imperative. The most common reasons why you need a lease plan might be because you are about to sell or extend the perimeter of your property or maybe you are willing to extend the lease you already have. You might also need to check you old lease plan if its valid according to the latest land registration act and get a new one!