Architectural Services Near Me


# Architectural Services Near Me Nowadays, people cannot think of building a house or any kind of construction without the help of an architecture service. So what is the architecture services meaning? Well, architecture services include design, construction administration as well as preparation of construction documents. You have to plan the architectural services carefully because planning a construction or renovation…

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Do I Need Planning Permission For A Conservatory

Conservatory Planning Permission-OAS

A conservatory is a room that consists of a roof made with glass, and walls. They remain attached to one side of the house. If you are planning to add a conservatory to your house then make sure you know that this falls under the same rule as any other home extension. If you agree with a few conditions then…

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HMO Conversion Permitted Development


# Why Need HMO Conversion Permitted Development When 7 or more unrelated people live in the same house and share the same facilities of the house then they need planning permission for HMO. There are two types of HMO. One is a small HMO which means a house where less than 6 people live and share the same facilities. Another…

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Do You Need Planning Permission For A Loft Conversion?

Do you need planning permission for a loft conversion

It’s no wonder that loft conversions have become increasingly popular over the past few decades. The advantages you will have by converting a loft into a living room or even a storage room will be endless and when you have questions like Do you need planning permission for a loft conversion? That’s where we came in. Here are a few…

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What Is A Planning Drawings?


Planning Drawings are the foremost crucial part of any construction. These are some architectural diagrams. Their purpose is to be submitted to the council for Planning Permissions. However, these drawings do not need to be 100% accurate. Planning Drawings can be altered when the construction work is being done under some Building Regulations. But these diagrams should clearly depict the main technicalities of…

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Building Regulations For The Construction Of Your Home

Building Regulations for the Construction of your Home

So, you have done with the Planning Application phase for the development of your property? If you already have the permission from your local council and now you are looking forward to the next steps. After you have planning permission, you need building regulation approval, either from a local authority building control department or an Approved Inspector. What Is Building…

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Want To Make Your Dreams Come True?


Having a house of your own is a dream of many. Yet, making your dreams come true is not easy for everyone. Building a house requires a lot of skill and knowledge. And it is not possible for the common man to own that knowledge. Additionally, when you have someone to consult with you may even get exposed to new…

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Land Registry Compliant Lease Plan


Are you planning to lease a new property for a few years? You need a bunch of documents and plans for it. Moreover, almost all of the plans need to be Land Registry Compliant in the UK. One of the first documents you would need is the Land Registry Compliant Lease Plan. It is basically the same as your Floor Plan but it…

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What Is A Floor Plan & Title Plan?

what-is-a-floor plan-&-title-plan-OAS

Ever wondered what your architecture means by Floor Plan and Title plans?  Floor Plan and Title Plan are very important factors for your property. Although they both have different purposes, they combine to help you express the details of your property in a more precise way! So, the first question that comes to your mind is ‘What is Floor Plan?’ or ‘What is a Title…

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9 Ideas To Maximize A Small Space House


In this age of advancement, the population is also increasing rapidly. It is leading to some serious crisis regarding habitations. This is leading people to look for new ways to live in a spacious condition even while occupying smaller places. Ideas for maximizing small space houses are also pretty technical. With the modern era, things are getting smaller. Along with…

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