What Is A Floor Plan & Title Plan?

what-is-a-floor plan-&-title-plan-OAS

# Floor Plan & Title Plan Ever wondered what your architects mean by Floor Plan and Title plans? Floor Plan and Tittle Plan are very important factors for your property. Although they both have different purposes, they combine to help you express the details of your property in a more precise way! So, the first question that comes to your…

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9 Ideas To Maximize A Small Space House


# Maximize A Small Space House In this age of advancement, the population is also increasing rapidly. It is leading to some serious crisis regarding habitations. This is leading people to look for new ways to live in a spacious condition even while occupying smaller places. Ideas for maximizing small space houses are also pretty technical. With the modern era,…

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Planning Permission For Adding Extra Space To Your Flat

Planning Permission for Adding Extra Space to Your Flat

Planning Permission Loft conversions and house extensions are great ways to add extra living space. You must be asking your floor planner in London for the designs of the new additional space. Most of the time, loft conversion and extension of a house to a specific extent are considered as permitted development. But what if you live in a flat…

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Permitted Development Rights-2020


Permitted Development Rights A planning application is a need for many property development works. But, what if you do not want to go through the lengthy process of the planning application. However, You can always keep your development works within permitted development rights. Under permitted development rights. in addition, You only need implied consent to carry out your intended development works.…

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Why You Need Outline Planning Permission?

Why you need Outline Planning Permission

# Outline Planning Permission One of the biggest concerns about applying for permission is the decision that the council makes.  Planning for property development can be costly. You would like to know if your application will grant before spending a bulk of cash behind making the detailed drawings of the property.    When the topic of the Outline Planning Application…

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